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Places to see in NYC

 If you’ve never been to New York, these places have to be on your top list,  of course as a tourist these are places you can’t miss, some of theme are a bit cliché but somehow still breathtaking and especially for the first time.

The New York Public Library 5th Avenue 42nd Street.


Central Park.

DSC_1323 2

Lovely artist having fun with kids after school.


The Glade Arch  bridge built in 1862 by Vaux. Seen in many movies and tv series. as famous as the others in the park.


Conservatory water.

IMG_7519 - Version 2

THE BIG LADY of course.

IMG_7786 2

Rockefeller  center.

DSC_1451 2

DSC_1449 2

The Flatiron Building.

IMG_7337 2

The Empire State Building.


The Chrysler Building.

DSC_1280 2

The Brooklyn bridge.


And of course The ONE and only… TIME SQUARE.

DSC_1501To be continued…



10 commentaires

  1. Jérôme dit

    Je vais finir par te demander un droit d’auteur, fais gaffe ! 😁
    Ceci dit, je suis assez content de mon téléphone portable quand je vois la qualité de ces photos. 👌


  2. The flatiron is one of my favorite building in NY it is very charming and the area is really nice.
    I am going to write a new article (coming soon) about all the good spots in NYC to go either for a drink a coffee or to have dinner. Stay tuned. Thanks for your comment. Xoxo G.


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