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The frosty fairy lost in the winter wood



 What is better than a good ski trip to get a clean slate and start fresh ?

Sometimes life is not easy, (far from it tust me I know), and you feel like it is the end of the world, of your world. And at some point you might feel weak, but you have to allow yourself to be weak in order to grow stronger.

When you go through difficult times, eather it is a heartbreak, a loss or a close one suffering from a illness, it is in those times that you have to find the strength to carry on and make peace with yourself.

You have to understand that that there is nothing wrong in feeling sad or on the edge. In those moments you have to listen to yourself and get to know yourself and try to understand what you feel and why you feel that way ? What is going to make you feel better or what is going to help you heal.

For exemple, I love to light a candle, with a cup of hot chocolate watching my favorite tv series. I know it might sound stupid for some people but when I feel sad, I don’t know how, but it works.

And what you need once in a while is a break from everything. Not that you want to run away, but just because your emotions are very confused and going away is the best way to see things clearer.

This ski trip was no exeption, it was like a cure to me. All this snow on the floor was like magic. This beautiful white coat made me feel like a little girl again, and somehow it felt good. Being surrounding by the people who I get to call my friends was absolutely divine.

If you just try to see the best in everything, even in winter, good things can happen, if you just let them.

XoXo G.






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