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Dark side

Paris is well-known as the city of love, and the city of fashion. Fashion has the power to reinvent itself and french style is no exception. The girl do love her beret, it may sound a bit cliché but this is the perfect final touch to any classic outfit. Paris will always be the city of my heart, it is so inspiring and I don’t know what the future holds for me but one thing I know for sure. You can take the girl away from the city, but you can never take the city away from the girl. Before the Dior show madness, a little stop at the boulangerie des Invalides. A beautiful tiny place perfect for a dose of pain au chocolat and café latté. As I look through the window, I slowly realize how summer is fading away letting fall takes its place. A simple change of seasons and you’re back.

The King’s favorite

Walking through the Chateau de Versailles and its gardens will make you feel like you are in the middle of a dream. And deep inside you wish to become the princess every girl have dreamed of becoming on day. I know I did. But wanting to be a princess does not mean diamonds, crowns and everything that comes with the « cliché ». wanting to be a princess and be treated like one is more about finding yourself and what you want in life. Not everyone wants the same things you do, or maybe in a different form. But only what you want can fulfill you.  You have to find what is best for you, perhaps a partner who’s going to do anything possible to make you feel special and who’s going to treat like a princess. And that is the key. The key to self confidence, the key to power. The way I see it, a modern princess is not only elegant but she is also powerful and makes her own fairytale. That is the princess I …